Import and Export Start Menu Layouts

Here’s how you import and export Start Menu Layouts in Windows…

1. Open PowerShell as Administrator

2. Run the Export command, you can use whatever path you like, lets keep it simple..

Export-StartLayout -LiteralPath C:\StartLayout.xml

3. You can then import your layout on to another Device or just restore it later.

Import-StartLayout -LiteralPath C:\StartLayout.xml

Very simple.

Removing Troublesome Windows Store Apps

If you’re having trouble with a Windows Store app, and are unable to remove it in the usual way you can use PowerShell.

1. First you’ll need the “PackageFullName”, that’s easy enough, I’ll use PhotoshopExpress as an example…
Open PowerShell as Administrator and run…

Get-AppxPackage –Name *Photoshop*

2. You will see lots of information on the package including the “PackageFullname”.


3. Now we need to run the remove command…

Remove-AppxPackage AdobeSystemsIncorporated.AdobePhotoshopExpress_1.3.0.68_x64__ynb6jyjzte8ga

The App should now be removed from your system.